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Manufacturer and Supplier for ID550WL IOT Weighing Indicator, FW650 Industry 4.0 Weighing Controller, WB702SH 50-1000 KG Weighing Load Cell, RGS Industrial High Precision Balance, RDISP-LED Remote Display and more items.
About Us

About Us

Avail Advanced, Reliable & Accurate Weighing Indicator And Controller, Weighing Load Cell, Electronic Scale And More From Us!

As a renown Manufacturer of weighing related products, we, WEBO Weighing, have been devoted ourselves in R&D for many years with strong and professional team. The customers can not only find easily the high precision indicators, explosion-proof indicators, reliable weighing scales, but also customized load cells, and intelligent weighing solutions. Additionally, the clients may enjoy their customers net all over the world, which is called WEBO clients ecosystem. The customers can send their kind inquiry or weighing headache, customized solutions will be sent to them soon. 

Application cases

Weighing Automation Solutions

Is Industry 4.0 a buzzword or reality in your operation?
Industry standards and regulations now demand faster weighing data, condition monitoring, smart alarming, 5G and more.
Webo Weighing offers a portfolio of solutions to help your operation meet these challenges, such as:

Intelligent Shelf Weighing System

Shelf Weighing System enable real-time stock status and replenishment automated
IntelligentShelf Inventory Management System, is also called SmartShelf Inventory Management System. A complete SmartShelf is a simple scale shelf, which is easy to install. The scale PCB board is also already built-in and pre-wired to the weighing pads.

Animal / Livestock Weighing Systems

Easy, fast and accurate systems for individual animal weighing.
Served for Breeding pig management system, Cattle Weighing system, etc.
Integrated operation work table, for weighing automated, Piglet injection and castration, medical care and more.
Offering the simple low cost scales to more

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